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Driveway Washing To Thoroughly Clean Your Bluffton Property

Driveway washing

You should always work with the driveway washing professionals to clean up your blacktop! Asphalt and concrete are made to resist the passage of time, but neither will last as long as they should if they aren't maintained properly. Enter, High Tide ProWash Services!

Our specially trained pressure washing team is exactly what you need for your driveway washing project! High Tide ProWash Services can handle any driveway, no matter how big the job is or how long it has been since the last wash.

Pressure washing in Bluffton has never been the same since High Tide ProWash Services came into town. If you need anything from parking pad cleaning to house washing, High Tide ProWash Services has your back!

Here's How Pressure Washing Goes Down When You Work With Us - Smooth

High Tide ProWash Services can take care of the toughest jobs, like concrete cleaning jobs, or the softest work like lanai screen washing! Here's how we do it:

  • We start with applying a degreaser to the heaviest stains. If your driveway is concrete, we leave the chemicals in longer, but asphalt only takes about fifteen minutes to set.
  • Once the degreaser has set in we apply a detergent to the entire space of your driveway.
  • After the detergent has set in, we finally start pressure washing in long, broad strokes of the wand.
  • Now that the entire surface of the driveway is rinsed thoroughly, we wait until the surface has dried to apply a sealcoat. Avoid walking on the newly sealed surface for a few hours and do not drive on the surface for anywhere from a day or two, depending on the sealcoating used.

If you want the best driveway washing services in Bluffton, call in the experts at High Tide ProWash Services to take care of everything for you!

If you are interested in our pressure washing services, you can reach us at 843-304-2370 for more information! Not sold on our services? Drop by our Testimonials page to read glowing reviews left by our previous customers.

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